Nepal Rafting

Sun Koshi River Rafting

The Sun Koshi ‘River of Gold’ has been rated as one of the top ten rafting trips in the world. It is also in the list of ‘must do while in Nepal’. The river rises near Shisha Pangma in Tibet and runs eastwards, draining the highest mountains of the world before emerging on the plains of India, where it joins the Ganges. The journey takes us 270 km through some of Nepal’s most remote regions giving a unique wilderness experience. The first two days are relatively easy and allow time to train as a team before the bigger rapids arrive. The rapids have acquired names like Meat Grinder, High Anxiety, Jaws and Big Dipper, from previous experiences on expeditions. Say no more! The calmer stretches between rapids give you time to take in the phenomenal views, swim in warm water and camp on white sandy beaches. This river is a BIG volume HIGH adrenaline expedition.

Type: Difficulty 4 / (4 +)
Start Point: Dolalghat
Ending Point: Chattra
Distance: 270km
Duration days: 8 - 9
Av. Gradient 10 ft per mile
Best Season: Sep, Oct, May
Cost: Please contact us

Bhote Kosi River

The Bhote Kosi-Upper Sun Kosi (during high water) is without a doubt the most action packed white water run in Nepal. The river drops off steeply providing continuous stretches of powerful class III-IV white water. Boulder gardens, small waterfalls, steep chutes and 90-degree bends present a multitude of hazards to be negotiated. The Bhote Kosi it is a technical river requiring an active crew. This run is not for the faint hearted. At the end of an action packed day, you can relax and watch the sun set from the thatched bar of the Sukute Beach Resort or, the porch of your spacious, safari style tent. This is the place to mellow out! We guarantee that no one will try to sell you anything! Stay as long as you want, sunbathe on our sandy beach, read a book in peace, sit and chat around a fire, play backgammon in the bar, or enjoy the stars and sounds of the river.

Type: Difficulty 4 / (5)
Distance: 20km
Start Point & end: Sukute Beach Resort
Duration: River Days 2
Av. Gradient 80 ft per mile
Best Season: Oct-Dec, Feb-May
Departures: Every second day
Rafters : Rafters don't need previous experience
Cost: Please contact us

Kali Gandaki River

Kali Gandaki River rafting is most exhilarating rafting of Nepal for white water rafting. This river is named after the name of Hindu Goddess Kali and carries the legend of Hindu Lord Vishnu. As the river is originated from the holy Place Muktinath you will also meet he different religious and historical places throughout the rafting period. You will pass through the deepest gorges enjoying the glimpsed of wild life and beauty of springs and waterfalls. This river is one of the remote rivers of central Nepal as they are no any trekking route and road along sides of river. The river is yet unspoiled and the water is pure and transparent. The town areas nearby the bank of river are modern and people are very much welcoming and eager to encounter with rafting team. As this river is four grade rafting river you will pass through the varieties of rapids and via narrow gorges along with calm water rafting. There are various packages available considering time and interest of visitor.

Grade: 4 & (4 +)
Start Point : Beni/Kusma
End Point: Andhi Khola
Distance: 60 km
Duration:River Days 3
Av. Gradient: 25 ft per mile
Best Season: Sept-Dec / March to June
Cost: Please contact us

Karnali River Rafting

Karnali River is one of the most premiums, remote and big river rafting trip in Nepal along with spectacular view and jungle clad and canyons. While rafting on this river you will enjoy the white water rapid and glances of wildlife. Karnali River is longest and largest river of Nepal flowing across the mid and far western region of Nepal. This river is mix of various tributaries which are originated from glacier of Kanjirawa Himal, Holy mount Kailash, and other mountain peaks. From Surkhet you can choose different take in posts according to your time and interest. The rafting trip goes via finest white water throughout dense forest of Sal tree along with glimpse of wild life. This trip also takes you throughout Bardiya National Park until you reach to Chisapani the take out post of trip.

Grade: 4 & (4+)
Start point: Sauli
End Point: Chisapani
Distance: 180 km approx
Duration: 10 days(Ktm to Ktm)
Av. Gradient: 20 ft per mile
Best Season: Oct-Dec, Feb-May
Cost: Please contact us

Marsyangdi Rafting

Marshyangdi River one of the best whitewater runs in the world which takes 5 to 6 hrs drive from Kathmandu. This river is one of the best 4 kayaking river in the world exhilarating whitewater with magnificent mountain backdrops. The scenery is magnificent with every bend of the river opening up fresh vistas of some of the world's highest mountains, but these are behind-as someone said "great views but you need rear view mirrors"

Grade: V+
Start Point: Nagdi
End Point: Bimalnagar
Total distance: 47 Km
Duration: 4 Days (Ktm to ktm)
Best season: Nov, Dec, March, April, May
Cost: Please contact us for best deal

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