Kailash Tour via Lhasa-Ali


Kailash Tour via Lhasa-Ali

Kailash Tour via Lhasa-Ali
  • 9N / 10D
  • Min Pax: 2
  • Tibet

Taking holy bath in Mansarovar Lake and offering prayers to Mount Kailash is the utmost pilgrimage for a devout to emancipate the soul. Revered as the Shangri-La by many travelers – pilgrims and globe trotters alike – these sites are one of the must-visit destinations on globe.

For the atheists Mount Kailiash and Lake Mansarovar are one of most astounding piece of natural beauty that brings together symmetry and natural bliss. And for the faithful, these are pilgrimages where they feel the presence of the almighty and get the opportunity to be one with- whatever their faith. After all, our heart finds our true faith in natural bliss.

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